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Gateway of India

Gateway of India

Enter India

Gateway of India is monument in South Mumbai.

It is located next to sea - Arabian Sea

Gateway of India is 26 meter high

When sea was primary means of travel - people were entering to India at Mumbai and used to sea "gateway of India" as first structre. that is why the name is chosen as Gateway of India. Shape of monument is also made like a Gate for entry


Gateway of India History

Gateway of India

Reason for Building

Gateway of India was built in 1924

The decision and plan to build gateway of India was initiated in 1911. King George V and Queen Mary visited India in 1911. During their visit Gateway of india foundation stone was placed on March 31 1911.

Gatway of India design was done by Architect George Whittet. His design was approved in 1914. The constuction completed in 1924. Gateway of India was opened on 4 Dec, 1924. Inaugration was done by Viceroy Earl Reading.